Love According With Rabi`ah Al-Adawiyah

A very unique and interesting understanding from both points of view,
both of them provide different colors in understanding and deepening
A love. Where love is always a debate, there are many problems about
love and emergence color human life. What is discussed is about study
comparative between Rabi’ah al-Adawiyah’s conception and Ibnu Qayyim Al-Jauziyyah regarding
love. With love humans can build everything, with human love
destroy it.


This humanitarian problem invites more scientists, disciplines
different to try to find perfect understanding and understanding of love,
including where both love God in a different way, Rabi’ah alAdawiyah by leaving the world to be closer to his lover,
Ibn Qayyim Al-Jauziyyah so that his love reaches God with love is a mirror
reflecting the image of the person he loves, the nature and tenderness right in front of him.

 Problem formulation is what the concept of love is in terms of equality and difference regarding
the concept of love, the purpose of the research is to find out the concept of love Rabi`ah AlAdawiyah and Ibn Qayyim Al-Jauziyah regarding love, similarities and differences
about love. The approach used by compilers in writing thesis is
Sufism approach.

From the results of the research conducted by the compiler results in conclusions
Her love Rabi`ah Al-Adawiyah does not know the creature, for her love the creature will only
disturbing his love to his Beloved. Rabi`ah Al-Aadawiyah the totality to
God and mortal this in looking at his love.

While Ibn Qayyim is in the concept of love is still human nature, because he is a Sufi and a scholar
The famous still admits the existence of a creature so its concept is not totality
to enter the level of God’s love. Ibn Qayyim positioned love equally between
love of creatures and love of God, because he sees that love of the beings is
fitrah as a form of love for Allah on being a manifestation of his love for God
so born the most clear, clear and spiritual love.

Equation: has the same purpose that is to be closer to Him, able to
finds Him worshiping and praying, bringing the culmination of appreciation
his spiritual as the called servant, the difference: in looking at their love
Different Rabi’ah does not approach the creature to get his love being
Ibn Qayyim uses creatures or socials to be closer to the Creator. Find animated love images that are right for your girlfriend at

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