How to Design a Cheap yet Memorable Bromo Tour Package

How to Design a Cheap yet Memorable Bromo Tour Package. Looking for a challenging and memorable adventure? Just read this DIY Bromo tour package and let’s see. First of all, low budget is also challenging and need extra preparation. To start, you need to prepare average mount hiking tools such as blankets, flashlights, masks, tents, warm clothes, boots, even foods, and others. Don’t forget to order the transportation ticket from your place to Surabaya. Your main destination is Probolinggo actually. If you are near there, it’s lucky you. However, if you are further, you can go to Surabaya first via train. From Surabaya train station, go to Bungurasih bus terminal by public bus. In the terminal, you should take the bus with Probolinggo destination.

How to Design a Cheap yet Memorable Bromo Tour Package

Cheap  Bromo Tour Package

Make sure you arrive in Probolinggo regency not later than 4 in the afternoon because the transportation there could be so rare in the evening and night. In Probolinggo terminal where you arrive, change the bus to green ‘ELF’ mini bus. The mini bus is public transportation that picks the passengers to Bromo, specifically to Cemoro Lawang village. Many tour agents include the village in their Bromo tour package as the resting point. When you arrive at the village, you can rent a motorbike (ojek) or a jeep to pick you to Penanjakan and Bromo’s crater. If you travel in group, renting a jeep is more recommended since you can share the cost to your friends.

Moreover, you can rent the jeep or motorbike to the two destinations then go back home by the mini bus again or even go to the B29 peak, the famous hiking spot. There, just set up your tent and take a rest while waiting for the famous beautiful sunrise. There you go enjoying the cheap Bromo tour package. One more thing, make sure you know the culture and traditions of local people before traveling to Bromo.

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