Encouraging Free West Papua Movement

The Westminster Declaration to support self-determination for the Papuan people to free West Papua was born at the IPWP meeting with delegates from various countries in the House of Parliament London, England (3/5/2016). Also present was one of the founders of the IPWP and the opposition leader of the Labor Party who was predicted to be a strong candidate for the British Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn. “In essence, what we saw was a group of people who did not enjoy their rights during the decolonialization period, did not enjoy the rights granted to him based on the UN charter and various decolonialization statutes. As a member of parliament I support them (the people of Papua), also as members of this group and as a former deputy chairman of the human rights of all parties.”

What must not be forgotten, the struggle for humanity and Papuan independence are also supported by countries in the Pacific islands as their closest neighbors. Vunuatu Prime Minister Charlot Salwai, for example, has always been consistent in supporting the cessation of the practice of human rights violations and the independence of Melanesian people in Papua (12/22/2016). Meanwhile, on behalf of seven Pacific countries (Vanuatu, Tonga, Palau, Tuvalu, Marshall Islands, Nauru and Solomon Islands), Vanuatu’s Justice Minister Ronald Warsal launched an accusation on the Indonesian government that was considered to have committed serious human rights violations in early May, caused West Papua conflict.

As reported by SBS, for the past 15 years the Indonesian Human Rights Commission has collected evidence of human rights violations by Indonesian security forces in three main areas in Papua, namely Wasior, Wamena, and Paniai, and other factors such as silencing West Papua news. In addition to asking the UN Human Rights Council to produce actual reports in Papua, Warsal must also make recommendations so that the pattern of human rights violations in Papua can stop completely.

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