Things To See For During Mount Rinjani Trekking

Mount Rinjani trekking is a very exciting but also exhausting trip, for that every climber should prepare the plan and the equipment well. In addition you and the climbers should pay attention to some important things that must always be considered. Here are some things that must be considered by every climber during the mount rinjani trekking to fall back from the top of Rinjani.

Prepare everything thoroughly

One thing that must be considered apra climbers is to prepare all equipment, supplies and supplies with mature. If necessary, it is necessary to override logistics supplies especially for beginners because the weight of the terrain will not be known how to exhaust it. In addition you should also not forget the pokcet camera or mobile phone to capture precious moments that are difficult to repeat itself.

Comply with existing rules and channels

Then climbers also need to pay attention to both written and unwritten rules as all the rules made are intended for the safety of the climbers themselves. Not only that you should not make your own way because it is very risky to get lost especially in the meadow because there are some roads that branch. You should also avoid climbing at night because it is also at risk of getting lost.

Through different paths when up and down Rinjani

To get a lot of experience and feel the diverse terrain you need to go through different paths. Generally the climbers will rise through the Sembalun line and down through the Senaru line. This is done by many climbers because the field on the Sembalun line is not too uphill while the Senaru line decreases so comfortable to pass.

Bringing down the trash

For climbers who are either campers or are not required to bring down the waste they produce because recently found some piles of garbage somewhere like in Plawangan Sembbalun which is often used as a camping place by the climbers. Therefore, to keep the conservation of Rinjani stay awake then do not leave the trash in the area of ​​Mount Rinjani National Park.